Sunday, September 14, 2008

The moment you all may have been waiting for...

House pictures!

We are very pleased with little place and are blessed to have a place that we can call home. Below are some pictures to give you a feel for the place...
Our front porch (yes, we inherited blue wicker porch furniture):

Living Room:

Dining Room:


Back Yard:
That ought to get you a good feel of the place. The second floor is basically a bathroom and three bedrooms - nothin to fancy.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I would like to state publicly that I think my wife is doing a terrific job of late keeping the Family Blog updated. I raise my glass to her. Sadly, because she is pregnant, she cannot partake in any of that delicious liquid within the glass. Poor girl.

I, however, and doing a terrible job at keeping to my promises, which was posting pictures of the house. I will get to it.... someday.


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Beach Pictures Continued

Beach Vacation

We were blessed to be able to go for a long weekend to Ocean Grove, NJ. We met my parents there and then Saturday my sister Tiffany and her fiance, Jarid, showed up. We had two beautiful days on the beach and a lovely time enjoying the relaxation of the quaint victorian town. My Mom and Dad have fond memories of that place, so it was very special for them, especially my Dad who grew up vacationing there from the time he was just a boy.

Jaron had an absolute marvolous time in the sand and water. He was so brave in the ocean. A little too brave. We had to make sure he didn't go too far in. Every time a wave came, he would tense up and giggle and then when the waves went back, he would try and chase them, not realizing that another one was just about to topple him over. They would have if one of us wasn't there holding on tight because we had extremely rough waves from hurricane Hanna. The cooler water didn't even seem to bother him at all. He has always been a water baby. Ever since the first time I bathed him as a newborn, he never cried in the water. So here are some pictures of our weekend. It was certainly a good way to end the summer. Now we're looking forward to the fall and a new addition to our family. I will send out more pictures along with a video later.

Singing and Swimming

Monday, September 1, 2008

More Pictures

First belly shot I've taken all pregnancy. Only 10 weeks to go!

Doing New Things

Jaron is 17 months old now and such the little toddler now. We are really enjoying this stage. Of course, we say that about every stage, but this one really is a lot of fun. He's soaking in so much like a sponge and into everything. He jabbers constantly, but doesn't say too much that we can understand. He loves brushing his teeth. That's his new thing. He still only has four on top and one still trying to pop up on the bottom, so getting teeth is still taking it's time. He'll go over to the sink, step up on his stool and put his tooth brush under the water and start brushing away. I guess he's seen Mommy do it a lot. He still loves being outside and goes straight for the dirt of course as most boys do. I found a little tykes sliding board someone was throwing away that I brought home for him and he loves it. He's learned to climb it and slide down all by himself. He'll even count to three before he goes down. So that's only a few things that our boy is doing new these days. I'm not sure how he'll handle having a new baby in the house. It's hard to tell how he'll react. He will only be 19 months older than she and is still somewhat dependent, but I do hope he adjusts well. We've only got 10 weeks to go! Little Abigail is doing well and very active in her Mommy's tummy. Jeremy is trying to get things done here and there around the house before she arrives since we know that once she's here, the holidays will also be here and there will be very little time to work on the house.
So here are some recent pictures I thought I'd share.

Jaron and Eli observing closely as Grandpa fixes the toy.

Daddy and Jaron taking a swim in Grandpa and Grandma's pool.

A rare family photo taken on a day at the beach.

Jaron and I went to the park with cousins Eli, Gabe and Aunt Geniene. We had a nice time.