Monday, June 21, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

We spent Memorial Day weekend at my Mom and Dad's in upstate NY and had a great time! We couldn't have asked for a better weekend of relaxation and weather. The kids got a lot of exercise in their big back yard, Jaron got to swim in the creek with Heidi, the dog, they had a swing, a kids pool, lit the fire pit a few times, we attempted to fly a kite, lots of talking and laughing, Jeremy and Dad spent most of Monday shooting Dad's pellet guns at some pesky birds, and I got to relax....some. From a mother's point of view, if the rest of the family is relaxing, that means she is too, whether she really is or isn't, because a mother's duties never end and she will always remain busy and on the go, especially with little ones. But I really did have a great time just being with my parent's again and spending time with my sister, Angela, whom I don't see too often. Enjoy the pictures of our weekend.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

One Year Today

It was one year ago today that Abigail had her craniosynostosis surgery.

I believe that June 8th will always be a memorable day in our family as it was proof of the Lord's Almighty hand working in Abigail's life, and our lives as well.  I think we will find ourselves on every June 8th talking about the Lord's mercy on us as He carried us through, looking up photos of baby Abigail, marveling at the complexity of such a surgery, praising the doctors for their work, remembering our shock when we first saw her, thinking of the friends who supported us at that time, laughing at ourselves when we recall being out to lunch when the surgeon stopped in to talk to us, finding ourselves amazed at the progress that Abigail has made since - much like we did today.  June 8th will always be a special day in our family, in many ways significantly more important than any birthday or anniversary or holiday: it was the day that the Lord tested us, and we proved ourselves faithful to Him, and He blessed us.

Abigail before surgery:

Abigail after surgery:

Abigail today: