Friday, May 29, 2009

Tiffany and Jarid's Wedding

We now have a new brother-in-law and a new Uncle for the kids! What a great guy he is too, a perfect match for my little sister. We were in upstate NY at my parents house this past Memorial Day weekend celebrating my sister's wedding. It was literally held at my parents house. It was a very busy weekend for everyone, especially my Mom, but it went very well. God answered our prayers for beautiful weather, and what a beautiful day it was too! It rained a little after the ceremony, but it didn't effect anyone because the eating and dancing were under tents. Did I say dancing? Oh yes! Fun times! Jeremy did his infamous break dancing with a round-off. My cousin, Laura and I even got my brother out there on the floor three times dancing to a couple of 80's classics (since that's basically all he'll dance to). He's such a ham!
Anyway, my sis made a beautiful bride and she seemed to stay calm throughout the entire day. What kind of bride keeps her composure on her wedding day I ask? She did! Both my parent's did very well, even though it was not easy to give away their youngest daughter. All of the Gregson sister's were bridesmaids, Angela, being the Maid of Honor, Geniene and myself and my brother Tim was also in the wedding party. He sang a song during the ceremony as well. It was an evening to remember.

Jaron & Abbie

Here are some updated pictures of Jaron and Abigail.

Jaron loves pushing his sister in the stroller...

...and giving her kisses.

Jeremy thinks this hat looks like a gardening hat, but I think it's adorable.

Friday, May 15, 2009

The Month of May

Well, it's been quite a month. Last posting was when Abbie turned 5 months old. This posting, she turns 6 months. I am so sorry it has taken me so long to update our blog. Wow! What a crazy month it has been! With doctor's and an unusual amount of dentist appointments, a trip to upstate NY for my sister's bridal shower, birthdays, our anniversary, a company dinner, Jeremy's remodeling class finally coming to a close the week after next (which means a lot more studying to be done), remodeling our basement, back up to NY to be in my sister's wedding next weekend, and preparing for Abigail's surgery, along with our every day activities and responsibilities, life has been, let's just say... interesting (to put it positively). We are glad May is almost over, but also glad it has brought warm and beautiful weather with it. I am loving our back yard especially this year. It is fenced in and is like one big play pen for Jaron to run around in to his heart's content. We still have many dreams for our yard, as well as for our house, but one thing at a time, right? Jeremy has been hard at work for the past 4 months refinishing our basement all on his own to make it into a room for guests to stay in. He is particularly trying to finish it before Abigail's surgery so that my Mom and his parents have a place to stay while they are here caring for Jaron while Abigail and I are in the hospital. He has had quite a time trying to figure how to keep it from getting wet before we lay in carpet, even after he put in a sump pump... all by himself. That man truly amazes me by the things he learns to do on his own.
Jaron is growing up so fast before our eyes. He is such an active little guy with so much curiosity, as most boys are at his age (26 months). He still adores going outside and is always looking for bugs or anything moving. He loves his trains (Thomas the Tank Engine in particular) and cars and fire trucks, all that typical boy stuff. He's talking much better and is picking up on words every day, but it is still hard to understand what he is saying a lot of the time. It takes patience on my part. He is still quite the musical genius as many have put it. Not really a genius though. He's no Mozart who started playing the piano at age 3. But he always wants to have music on and sings on pitch pretty well for his age. He has truly surprised me with his musical ear. He hears a song and can usually match that pitch perfectly. We'll see what the Lord has planned for him as he explores his gifts and will hopefully and prayerfully use them for His glory. I pray that he will grow to have a sensitive heart for God and others and will choose to be a servant to those around him like his Daddy.

Abigail is our little petite sweetie pie. We call her Abbie Kat (thanks to Dan) since her middle name is Kathryn, and she sometimes actually sounds like a squealing cat. Funny, I never put that together before. She just had her 6 month check up and is healthy and strong. She is 25 inches long. She is a light weight, only 14 lbs in the 13th percentile, but has gained weight consistently enough that it doesn't concern anyone. She is starting to gab and make the cutest noises. It's fun hearing higher pitched girly noises. Jaron had a deeper, gruffer voice as a baby so you could never mistaken him for a girl. Sometimes Abbie will shreak very high and loud, which is not so pleasant when I'm holding her and she does it right into my ear. I hear a few ringings in my ear for awhile, then I carry on.
She just learned how to sit up (for long periods of time) a couple of days ago. I was so impressed that it happened so suddenly just like that. She also loves to kick. She's constantly kicking her legs up and down. They are really strong. Her personality is starting to show more and more. It's fun to see the character in her already.

Her surgery for her Cranyosinistosis is June 8th, about 3 weeks away. Jeremy and I are starting to face reality as time draws near. I don't know how I will handle it once the day hits. Right now it's starting to come to the surface of my mind and I try not to think of the surgery itself or post surgery and what she will look like. It's pretty much unbearable, but I know this is for the best and for her sake. I just take one day at a time.
I ask you to please pray that Jeremy and I would both have a peace regarding the surgery, God's peace, that surpasses all understanding. Also, that the Lord would direct the doctors during the surgery and His angels would be watching closely over our baby girl during and afterwards. One more thing, that her recovery and healing would not be painful or drawn out, but that she would be her normal self soon after and back into her routine quickly with a short recovery time and no lasting or damaging scars.
Thank you to everyone who has been so faithful in praying for Abigail. It has amazed me how many people are praying already and has meant so much to our family.

Here is a quick clip of our happy Abbie Kat.

And another video of her sitting up. Jaron must have just gotten his diaper changed, so please excuse his lack of pants. :)