Thursday, February 17, 2011

Christmas ... again

We finally managed to spend Christmas with the Riggall side of the family this past weekend.  It had lost a little bit of its luster since it was two days before Valentines Day, but we still enjoyed stockings, presents, coffee by the fire, Christmas music and even a few snowflakes falling. The kids, of course, don't care what time of year it is - receiving presents is always Christmas to them! The California Riggalls were greatly missed this year - but we'll all be together next year!! Hooray!

Callie went up with us, which was her first overnight trip. She had the best of time running around in the backyard, going for walks with Grandpa, meeting the neighbor dogs, and taking a late night stroll through the woods with Daddy and Grandpa.  She did well enough that we felt comfortable letting her off her leash to explore while we were out in the backyard - a first little Callie!

Below are a few photos of our time together...