Friday, January 14, 2011

Some Snow

In the Riggall house, we are doing everything we can to keep ourselves busy and occupied during these cold, winter months when 99% of the time we are indoors. Some days are easier than others. Sometimes it depends on the kids energy level, which rarely runs low, and sometimes it depends on my energy level, which these days, often runs low. All in all, we are managing to take one day at a time. Needing to stay inside all the time forces me to think creatively and play WITH the children instead of always keeping busy.

Below is my dear, sweet Abigail dressing up as a....well, she's not entirely sure what she is, but I think she makes a cute little fairy.
 Jaron loves playing Hide and Seek, which is what he's doing here.
 Callie our dog loves, loves, LOVES attention and for us all to be home giving it to her.
 We had a little snow storm pass through, which we DID go outside for. I took the kids for a little sleigh ride. Callie pulled me on her leash while I pulled the kids on the sled.

Callie loves the snow. She'll bound from one side of the yard to the other side like a bouncing ball. It's funny to watch.
 The kids would try to pull each other on the sled.

 We think snow is fun while it lasts.