Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Jaron's 4th Birthday

Jaron turned 4 years old on March 15th! The week of Jaron's birthday, the kids and I decided to spend the week in NY at my parent's house, mostly for change of scenery for all of us. My mom was heading up from VA from visitng her parent's, Mom-mom and Pop-pop, so she stopped in at our house on the way through. We drove up together in my car on Tuesday, the 15th (J's b-day) and stayed until Sunday afternoon. Jeremy then joined us on Friday night for the weekend (since he had to work during the week), driving Mom’s car that she left at our house. We made last minute plans to celebrate Jaron’s birthday for the evening before we left for NY. It all came together quite nicely. Jeremy’s parent’s called long before we had plans for a party and asked if they could stop in on the 14th on their way home from the airport to wish Jaron a happy birthday. We figured since my mom would also be here (driving up from VA) and my dad was planning to come down that weekend anyway to visit my Great Aunt Eleanor (who is ill), we would plan a little party for our soon-to-be 4 year old boy the night before we headed up for NY for a week. My sister Tiffany also made the trip from Harrisburg with her baby Annabelle, my Aunt Janet came, a couple that we know from church came, and of course the Simrak’s came (my sister Geniene and her family). Even with 17 people packed into our tiny house, we wished our other family could have been there to celebrate with us at the same time. All in all, it was a great party and Jaron had a blast! Here are pictures to prove it!
First, I want add how much this little 4 year old boy has meant to Jeremy and I. He's so curious about life and soaks up information we never expect him to get. We love you so much, Jaron!

Jaron asked specifically for me to make him a turtle cake. His favorite color is green and being so close to St. Patrick's day, I thought it was an appropriate request. 

Papa & Nana with their newest grandaughter, Annabelle
Tiffany & Jeremy with Annabelle
Present time!
An ettempt to get a shot of the cousins (Abbie, Jaron, Eli & Gabe)
 Annabelle joins them. Are you feeling the love in this picture?
Three generations of Gregson girls (Angela missing from this photo)


At almost 2 1/2, our Abbie has grown by leaps and bounds. She seems to be on track physically with her age. She has surprised us with how well she can talk for 2 1/2 (compared to when her brother started to talk). She speaks quite clearly and we can almost always understand what she's saying. She eats just about anything depending on her mood (as it is with most girls). We're talking a salad, a meat sandwich, red sauce, broccoli, peas, corn, etc.
This little girl will MAKE YOU LAUGH! She is so funny. Once she's completely comfortable with her surroundings and the people around her, you will notice how her personality is so dynamic and has so much pep. Every day I'm laughing about some expression she's made, or comment, or her just acting silly. It's so fascinating to think what her interests will be as she gets older.
Ever since Abbie was born, she has given us surprise after surprise, and even though we are past the rough patches of her health (Lord willing), she continues to give us a different kind of surprise after surprise. There is no doubt that God has big plans for this little girl. We are so thankful for her life in ours.

Abbie loves hats.

 She loves babies, especially her new little cousin, Annabelle.
 She found Mommy's lipstick.
Posing as a grad student. Who knows? She loves books!
She loves her purse that Nana got her.
 Unfortunately, Abbie is still on the nebulizer, for her second year now. The good news is that it seems to be seasonal. We're hoping when the weather warms up, she will be off it completely. We're praying she will grow out of her tendencies to wheeze and it won't turn into asthma.

 More baby Annabelle.
 Abbie enjoys dressing up. She's all girl.
 But most of all, she loves her big brother. She will follow him around anywhere, anytime.