Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Abigail Turns 3!

Our little baby girl isn't so little anymore!  She turned three on November 8th; we celebrated as a family that night and had a great time.  Abigail's friend, Anna Kate Sallade, also turned three a few days apart from her, so they had a joint birthday party last Saturday.  Below are some of the photos from the events.

Abbie covering up the baby in her new "baby car seat"

The Princeton Riggalls (minus Mike) were able to join us on Saturday!

It was a puppy-themed birthday party, so those are puppy dog ears she's wearing.

Anna Kate and Abigail Kathryn were born only days apart.  And, yes, they called each other before the party so that they would match.

The grilled cheese were in the shape of dog bones.

Ryder was there too, wearing a full puppy outfit.

Cake time! So excited!

I just want the chocolate....

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Catch up time!

Wow! It has been a very long time since I've caught you all up on what's going on here in the Riggall household. I guess having three children just tends to take up all my time. There is a lot to catch you up on, so I am going to make it simple and try and catch you up through pictures, which everyone loves to see anyway. So here we go....

The week after Ryder was born, we decided to take advantage of the beautiful Memorial Day weekend weather and spend a day at one of our favorite places, Ocean Grove, NJ.

Icecream face

Good thing we brought a change of clothes! It was J & A's last time in the ocean for this year and they had a blast.

My sister Tiffany, Jarid and little Belle meet Ryder
Then came Jaron's first day of preschool. He goes for just a couple hours, two days a week, but he loves it!

His first field trip to the farm to pick apples. Abigail, Ryder and I came along.

Jaron's class Halloween party. He went as Super J-man.  
Abbie dressed up as a Fairy Princess.
The children LOVE their baby brother.

A family trip to the farm. Jeremy posing as Mr. Mom.

The kids guided me through the corn maze.

Abbie coloring
Callie & Jaron watching our first snow fall of the season.
This dog keeps us on our toes.
Mommy designed and Daddy carved our jack-o-lantern. 

J & A playing w/ costumes.
Our little pumkin

Trick or treat!
We finally got around to raking up the leaves today.


Jaron, Mary, Ryder & Abigail